Ingredients: 95% consists of water, 0.5-1.1% protein, 1-2.5% sugar, vitamins C, B1, B2, P, carotene, enzymes and aromatic substances, mineral salts.

Beneficial features:

1. The water, which is part of the cucumber, is especially pure and close in composition to distilled, because It has no harmful impurities. Once in our body, the juice of a cucumber leaches many toxins and saturates us with solar energy.

2. The cucumber contains fiber, which sweeps out all unnecessary and harmful “garbage”, thereby purifying our body. 

3. Cucumbers help maintain optimal alkaline blood balance.

4. Due to the mineral composition, cucumbers give health to the nervous system, strengthen memory, mental abilities, protect against atherosclerosis.

5. For women, it is especially valuable that cucumbers contain one of the most important female vitamins - folic acid, which regulates blood sugar, creates a feeling of satiety, reduces appetite and prevents the formation of adipose tissue.

6. Fresh cucumber juice is used for coughing, for pain in the stomach, diseases of the joints. Cucumber is a natural diuretic.

7. Cucumber is used in cosmetology: lotions, masks and creams are deservedly popular.

8. There is more iron in cucumbers than in strawberries, grapes, black currants.


Cucumber is a traditional vegetable without which it is impossible to imagine our table neither in summer nor in winter. Thanks to the year-round production of cucumbers, we can enjoy the taste of fresh cucumber in the winter, and every housewife knows how to put it on the table.

Interesting Facts

According to Vasmer’s etymological dictionary, the name is borrowed from sr. ἄγουρος (cucumber), which dates back to ἄωρος (immature). Vegetable eaten unripe.

Cucumber appeared in culture more than 6 thousand years ago. The native land of this species is the tropical and subtropical regions of India, the foothills of the Himalayas, where it still grows under natural conditions. 

Neymar F1

"Neymar F1" (Björn) is a gherkin. It has beautiful and pronounced "cucumber" taste. The length of the fetus is 11-12 cm.

Delicious and crispy, it is perfect for salads, sandwiches, cold dishes. Fresh, pickled or pickled cucumbers will come to your table at any time of the year.





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Cucumber is a traditional vegetable, without which it is impossible to imagine our table neither in summer nor in winter.


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