About us

RED STAR OXUS LLC was registered as a legal entity on February 5, 2018, by the Single Window Center under the register No. 567500 of the Khonki district as a legal entity and began its activity under the name GARDENS KHOREZM Limited Liability Company

The main activity of the company is the creation of a greenhouse, and the authorized capital of the company was founded by AMINOV DAVLATBOY KHADJIEVICH, the sole founder of the company.

In accordance with the decision of the administration of the Khankinsky district of the Khorezm region dated May 23, 2018, No. 878Қ on the allocation of sown land, 17 hectares of sown land was allocated.

Due to the rapid growth of the world's population, the vagaries of nature, floods, and droughts in some countries, agriculture is experiencing an acute shortage of food. Today, agriculture, food production, and safety are in first place in the world.

In our country, special attention is paid to the implementation of new projects in the field of agriculture, food production, the creation of modern greenhouses and export promotion. A number of promising projects are planned together with the founder and members of our working group; at the first stage, it is planned to create a modern 5th generation greenhouse on 6.1 hectares of land. The project will improve the quality of life of the population, supply high-quality agricultural products and create more than 80 jobs for boys and girls.

On January 3, 2019, an import contract was signed with the Dutch KUBO Greenhous Project B.V to create a modern 5th generation greenhouse complex worth 13,000,000 euros.

On March 28, 2019, an official of our region, together with qualified Dutch designers, laid the foundation for greenhouse construction.

With the help of the most modern equipment, construction and installation companies and skilled workers, construction and installation works were completed as soon as possible, a refrigerated warehouse was built for the temporary storage of grown products, as well as a modern greenhouse complex with sorting and packaging departments and high-quality customer service.

GARDENS KHOREZM Limited Liability Company was re-registered on February 5, 2020, and the legal name of the company was changed to RED STAR OXUS LLC.

In February 2020, in the supply department of greenhouse seedlings, the first sowing began.

It is assumed that the greenhouse will produce competitive, export-oriented, environmentally friendly, high-quality agricultural products (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) that meet market requirements. For the production of environmentally friendly and high-quality agricultural products, a bio-safety system equipped with the most modern equipment has been installed in the greenhouse.

Company management

Aminov Zhasur Ozodovich
Aminov Zhasur OzodovichDirector
Ruzmetov Zohid Shonazarovich
Ruzmetov Zohid ShonazarovichDeputy Director for Finance
Bekmetov Makhkam Kurambaevich
Bekmetov Makhkam KurambaevichLogistics specialist
Aminov Abdulla Davlatovich
Aminov Abdulla DavlatovichDeputy Production Director