During the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Khorezm region on November 29-30, 2018, RED STAR OXUS LLC was instructed to create a modern greenhouse in the Khankovsky district. In accordance with this task, 17 hectares of land in the Khankovsky district of the Khorezm region will be allocated for the implementation of the project. The total cost of the project is $ 35 million, of which $ 8 million will be raised from the initiator’s own funds and $ 27 million from a bank loan.

To date, Landesbank has allocated $ 14 million through a credit line to create a modern 7-hectare greenhouse. From the Dutch company “Kubo Greenhouse Project B.V.” hothouse equipment was brought which is equipped with modern hydroponic equipment of the 5th generation. The complex has an autonomous system of ultra-climate control, and the greenhouse is fully covered with double-glazed windows. The carbon-cooled refrigeration unit maintains the internal temperature of the greenhouse at the same level throughout the year without seasonal selection. The complex provides products with the same light day and night.

From production to loading the finished product, the highest level of biological safety is observed. The main goal of a society is to select and package the latest modern computerized products that meet international standards. This complex is significantly different from other greenhouses with a number of advantages and a computerized system. The complex grows seven times more products than in other similar greenhouses, with an annual yield of 5000 tons per year, and 90% of them are planned to be exported to European countries.

As a result of the greenhouse, 200 new jobs will appear and, according to preliminary estimates, the project will pay off in six years. The complex will provide budget revenues in the amount of 11 billion soums per year, which will result in the completion of yet another energy-efficient project unique in all of Central Asia in Khorezm.

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Cucumber is a traditional vegetable, without which it is impossible to imagine our table neither in summer nor in winter.


Fresh tomatoes are an ideal healthy food to quickly make up for the loss of minerals.


A specific substance lacticin, which is part of the chemical composition of lettuce, calms the nervous system...


Eggplants are widely used in cooking, the methods of cooking are diverse.

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Cherry tomatoes are widely used in cooking to prepare various delicious dishes

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Bell peppers are widely used in cooking for various dishes and salads. It is used both fresh and cooked.