Cherry tomatoes


cherry tomatoes are 90% water, Proteins: 1.2g, Fats: 2.02g, Carbohydrates: 3.84g. vitamins of group B, and vitamins C PP, A, E, D.

Useful properties

Due to the large amount of biologically active vitamins and minerals in cherry, they have a beneficial effect on human health. When consumed regularly, it promotes the absorption of calcium, strengthens nails and hair, and stabilizes the kidneys. In addition, it prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, the occurrence of cancerous tumors. It has a positive effect on the state of digestion and intestines.


Cherry tomatoes are widely used in cooking to prepare various delicious dishes, and it is impossible to imagine Italian and Spanish cuisine without them, where they are the main ingredient in many delicacies. They are used for preparing various appetizers and salads with mozzarella, as well as canning. Sometimes they are put in salads whole or used as decoration. Overripe fruits are used to make tomato soups, casseroles, sauces and pizzas.

Interesting facts

The cultivation of this small variety began back in 1973. The scientist's goal was to prevent the rapid ripening of tomatoes in hot climates. A genetic combination was reproduced that helped slow ripening, but at the same time, a way was discovered that would use the resulting genes to breed small cherry tomatoes. Thus, the culture was reflected in the creation of these mini tomatoes.

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Cherry tomatoesCherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are widely used in cooking to prepare various delicious dishes

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